Eco-Schools Press Launch at PS 31, November 18, 2015

Parents of PS 31 do you know what we have accomplished so far as an EcoSchool?




Successes From 2015 – 2016

 Increased green space in our school garden which was designed and built by our STEM students.      

  Thanks to our Super Hero Waste Warriors and Staff!  86% average of school-wide waste was diverted from the landfill.  93% average of cafeteria waste was diverted from the landfill.  Three bin recycling station in every classroom with DSNY signage.           


  Reduced energy consumption by an average of 12.6%   


Toilets were retrofitted to low flow saving in water usage.  Porcelain from old toilets used in Billion Oyster Project to help make habitats for expansion of oyster population.  




















Eco-School Pathways and Goals for 2016-2017

  Reduces waste by 25%

  Reduce energy by 10%

  Reduce water by 5%

  Reduce use of harmful chemicals and improve air quality.

  Increase green space on school grounds.

If we complete our pathway deliverables we will be awarded the Eco-School's Green Flag this year!   

Design Legacy Project

  • For every pound we divert from the landfill, we earn $1.

  • So far we have $10,000.

  • We can earn up to $30,000 to invest in a sustainable design, educational, infrastructure project that leaves a legacy.

  • We must use it within the time frame of the grant before January 2018.

Design and Implement Community Service Project

We have $5,000!  Service that involves and benefits the community - connected to students and the curriculum.